Current Fishing February 2018

Read below to find out all the current fishing conditions around The Bait Box.

Blind Pass.

Lots of Black Drum, Sheepshead and Snook! Get to the passes for some catch and release action. Lots of small Snook,some Redfish and Pompano along with Ladyfish and Trout in the pass. Cut frozen Threadfins and Ladyfish are super effective right now along with live Pinfish and Shrimp. Some Tarpon hitting cut Ladyfish and mullet! Artificial baits are hot too! Black Drum on frozen Jumbo Shrimp, many Trout hitting small Pinfish and Shrimp.  Stronger current in the pass will require more weight than most other fishing spots.  Redfish are starting to show up and are biting pinfish and grunts, Shrimp on a popping cork as well as cut bait, such as Ladyfish, and spoons. Flyfishing for Snook has been great, white Shimmow pattern, as well as chartreuse Mullet patterns, are popular.

J.N. Ding Darling 

Sheepshead and Mangrove Snapper along with some smaller Snook can be found along most of the culverts. Lots of  Trout. Lots of Ladyfish too. Occasional Redfish using freelined shrimp at the culverts, and bait fish such as greenbacks, or Pinfish fished on the bottom along the banks. Many species are being caught throughout the preserve.   Greenbacks and Pinfish have been spotted at a few of the culverts, so keep your cast nets ready! Z-Man swim baits, Vudu shrimp and D.O.A. “Deadly Combo” have been super effective throughout the refuge. Shrimp under a popping cork will get great results here.

Causeway Islands

Lots of bait being caught near the bridges! Lots of Mangrove Snapper are being caught as well as Snook, Pompano, Flounder and Spanish Mackerel. Lots of Trout, Whiting, Jack Crevalle and Ladyfish. Many reports of Snook and some Reds hitting shrimp, frozen Ladyfish, threadfins and pinfish.  Spotted Seatrout being caught out in the grass flats using shrimp fished under a float.  Flounder, Jack Crevalle and snapper have all been caught under the bridge using shrimp or cut greenbacks. Sharks, most commonly but not limited to Blacktips, and Bonnet Heads have also been caught on most everything from shrimp to cut mackerel, mullet or even frozen Sqiud. Good sized greenbacks are all around right now so a cast net will be a great investment. Tarpon are still being seen! We have fresh mullet and catfish tails.

Sanibel Pier

Sheepshead are cruising around and hitting live and frozen Shrimp as well as frozen Fiddler Crabs (live ones are scarce). Redfish reports are spotty!  We’ve received many reports of Ladyfish, Trout, Flounder, and Spanish Mackerel right off the pier! Fishing is great. Redfish are hitting big shrimp and cut baits like Mullet. Come in for a few dozen Shrimp or Pinfish, they are irresistible! Abundant baitfish have also been spotted.  Blacktip sharks have been caught using Spanish mackerel. Snook are also biting on cut baits such as frozen Threadfins and Ladyfish and Mullet in the early morning and at dusk. Pompano jigs in assorted colors are hot right now!

Pine Island Sound

Huge Snook are here along with Sheepshead, Spanish Mackerel, Ladyfish, Redfish and Mangrove Snapper, big Jacks, and good sized Trout, Whiting and Flounder are being caught. Check out our Photo Gallery!  Some Pompano are being caught as well.

The Beaches

Lighthouse Beach

Snook, Ladyfish, Pompano, many Sheepshead, Whiting, Spanish Mackerel along with some Trout and Redfish in the surf west of the pier along with Mangrove Snapper. Evening has shown good action here for Snook and shark too. We have a full line of tasty baits for Sharks including fresh caught Mullet, Ladyfish, and Stingray

Knapp’s Point

Huge Snook are cruising that first trough and crushing cut Ladyfish and Whitebait early in the morning. Seatrout and Spanish Mackerel being caught along with Black Drum on the beach as well. Live Shrimp and Pinfish get the fish going! Jigheads with shad or paddle tails are being crushed by Snook in the early morning and the late evening. Tarpon are here early and there, they are biting Pass Crabs, Threadfins and Mullet along with Catfish tails. Spanish Mackerel, Jacks, Seatrout can also be caught fishing near the sandbar. Anglers report better success while wading and casting along the sandbar. Red Tide events are being monitored daily and updates are available at The Bait Box. Stop in or call!

West Gulf

Trout, Pompano, Spanish Mackerel! Lots of Shark activity much like Bowman’s Beach, and Turner Beach this area has been a staple of large shark fishing for a long time. Many reports of large Snook and Reds hitting cut bait as well as live Pinfish and shrimp. Seatrout, lots of Ladyfish and Whiting caught on live Bait Box shrimp, have come in recently. Mullet, Spanish Mackerel, Threadfins, and chunks of Stingray are what the shark are biting. Bowmans and Turner beaches are hot with action right now.

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